CNC Upgrade

Over the last couple days Brian and I have been tearing down our 2ft X 3ft CNC and expanded it to 3ft X 4ft.  Wiring will be done today and it should be 100% functional by the end of the week.

Virtual Pinball Update

Joe Hargis has started a project of creating a virtual pinball machine using a pinball body with a computer, tv and 2 computer monitors. There will be solenoids and motors in the thing to give you that FEEL of a real pinball machine. Here’s some pics of Joe “Testing” the hardware.

CHAMP Challenge 1/26/16

Ok so I will take the blame for this CHALLENGE being so challenging!!  It was a crappy night to have a flying contest.. it was cold, raining, snowing and massively windy.. but man was it fun!  The winner was Brian and Visitor Chris..  With a long long flight if 5.25 seconds.


First CHAMP Build Night – 01/19/2016

Today’s Project was working on Joe’s virtual pinball machine.  Joe has graciously donated parts to build this.  Once it’s built and operational (we do have to test it thoroughly !!) we will be selling it off. Hoping to get enough profit for Joe to build one for himself and enough to build CHAMP one.  I would like to thank the MANY members who showed up to assist.  We were able to split into 3 teams to tackle the project.  1 team worked on the actual pinball body, 1 team on the computer system and software, and 1 team on the CNC cutting out parts.







CHAMP CNC is Alive!



Ok so we built this thing 2 years ago and tucked it away after Brian and I caught it on fire…. The mount broke and the tool dug into the wood and …..friction fire.  Then came Alaska Jake.  Jake decided he wanted to try it out and figured out how to properly work the dang thing.  (He IS an engineer BTW)  Jake recorded us a training video and Brian and I watched and learned..  So here is our 3D Printed CNC fully functional.  Sorry for the upright video. My camera on my phone is dead and I was using the forward facing and didn’t think about it.

CHAMP Challenge Dec 2016

For those new readers the CHAMP Challenge works as follows.  Members arrive with no knowledge of the challenge.  Once teams are picked (random draw) they are then given a challenge to complete in 2 hours or less.  At the end of the 2 hours the things created will be pitted against each other.  Decembers CHAMP challenge was a flashback to the original challenge from over 2 years ago.  Members were asked to build a medieval weapon launching a projectile 20 ft through a foam castle – using only hand tools.

I think next time we may have to ban projectiles 🙂  This is a picture of one of our TVs!





The winner was Josh and Stephen and Dommer with a simple spear..  But the Honorable Mention goes to Brian, Tom and Drew with their fantastic build of a crossbow.  Remember no power tools were allowed.


60 Degrees in January?

So when It’s 60 degrees in January what do you do?  Well build an RC plane out of foam board and “attempt to fly it”.






























The Video!