Wayne County Maker Faire

Brian and I had a blast at the first Wayne County Maker Faire.  It was actually one of the biggest Maker Faires that we have ever been to.  We had a lot of fun and met a lot of people.  Here is a quick walk around of the faire.

CHAMP Game Night – May 2017

Champ Game night was a lot of fun.  There was a group playing Settlers of Catan (Pictured) While a large group of us hid out of the picture played Jackbox.tv for several hours.  We do this every 2nd Thursday of the Month.  All are welcome to come play and check the place out.  It’s a good way to get to know everyone at CHAMP.

Group Build Night 4/20/17

Sorry I’ve been slacking on the presidents blog. A lot has been going on around CHAMP. Here are the things we have been working on for the group build projects. The first is Joe’s virtual pinball machine. It has come a long long way!!! It is now playable with sound and Tilt motion sensor. We still have to hookup the knocker and solenoids for the hepatic feedback. The second is a Retro-pie powered full sized arcade machine with mini fridge. This will be for sale after May’s first friday. It has all atari, NES, SNE and Gameboy roms on it.







Last is Brian’s MASSIVE 10ft x 5ft CNC.  He has been working on this for a couple months now and it is getting real close to being completed.  The liquid cooled system is built and ready to be hooked up.  The motor has been tested and is working.  The 220v power line has been run.  It’s SOOOOO close to being tested!!!

Almost time for Drones!

I started building this ordering piece by piece off amazon.  After 1 month of troubleshooting….   I have 5 bad motors…  Yeah you read that right.  Once I got 4 working motors here is the first test.  Sadly the first test flight outside on this VERY windy day seems to have knocked the go pro off and into the props at about 50ft in the air…  2nd go pro destroyed.






CHAMP Challenge Feb 2017

The Challenge

Use a button battery and cell phone vibrator motor (provided by Joe) and create a device that is propelled only by the battery and motor.  Must be under 30mmx60mm.  Must not contain sticky or stringy entangling things.  You have 1 hour to build 1 or 2 devices.  After the hour we will race them 1 on 1 (each team only gets to race 1 device per Challenge).  Then a poll race with 1 device from each team at 1 time.  After that Monkey in the Middle – All bots will start at the center of the table and the first one off the table is the winner.  Then finally Poker.  Cards are placed on a table and your bot picks your team’s best 5 card hand.

CNC Upgrade

Over the last couple days Brian and I have been tearing down our 2ft X 3ft CNC and expanded it to 3ft X 4ft.  Wiring will be done today and it should be 100% functional by the end of the week.

Virtual Pinball Update

Joe Hargis has started a project of creating a virtual pinball machine using a pinball body with a computer, tv and 2 computer monitors. There will be solenoids and motors in the thing to give you that FEEL of a real pinball machine. Here’s some pics of Joe “Testing” the hardware.

CHAMP Challenge 1/26/16

Ok so I will take the blame for this CHALLENGE being so challenging!!  It was a crappy night to have a flying contest.. it was cold, raining, snowing and massively windy.. but man was it fun!  The winner was Brian and Visitor Chris..  With a long long flight if 5.25 seconds.