If you have any questions about our membership, feel free to contact us.

Tier 1 Membership Form

Tier 1 Membership

  • All tools and facilities
  • Tier 1 Members now have their own key for anytime access
  • No Voting Privilages
  • No Membership Requirements
  • $30 per Month

Tier 2 Membership

    • All tools and facilities
    • Key Access
    • Vote for Officers
    • Become and Officer
    • Must be member for 2 Months First
    • $50 per Month

Tier 3 Membership

  • To become a Tier 3 member you must maintain Tier 2 membership for 12 months in a row. Then your dues get reduced to $45 per Month


“An awesome place to award your inner geek.”
-Andy Engel

“Awesome community of intelligent people always willing to help with a project. Tons of 3d printing and fabrication capabilities.”
-Josh Morrow

“I get smarter just by thinking about this place, awesome!”
-Steven Mathewson

If you wish to become a member, please complete the “Tier 1 Membership Form” by clicking the button at the top of the page. Once you fill out the application, please stop in to the space and make your first payment. Once we have your actual signature on the paperwork, you will become an official member!