I’m not smart enough

Last night I was talking to a person who is very interested in becoming a member at CHAMP. After a lengthy conversation he admitted that he has been holding off joining because he “does not think he is smart enough” to join. Once he made that statement I realized that there are several people that have come in and talked to us and we have never heard from them again and I believe that they could be thinking the same thing.

If there is one thing CHAMP is not and should never become, is an elitist group of people. We have never wanted it to be that way! We are looking for dedicated members who want to participate in the things that we do. We do not care if you have a GED or are a Dr. of computer science.

Different people have different knowledge. Today’s project may show me off as the smartest person in the group, but tomorrow it will show someone else. No 1 person has all the knowledge (sorry Elon). I will teach you what I know as long as you teach me what you know! That’s our motto of our group. We work together to make each other better! I can guarantee that you know things that the rest of the group does not know and the fact that we get into so many different projects there will be days where you WILL shine! We hold classes on things from Programming to welding to archery and crafts.

I know when you look at our website / facebook / instagram you will see all of our achievements. When you come in for a visit we will show off all our cool things we have made. That can be intimidating until you see all the failures that came before the success! One of our members (miss you Ralph!) once said it’s called trial and error not trial and succeed. There is RARELY a time when someone makes something that works perfect the first try. That’s where the rest of the group comes in with ideas.

Yes we have members with Doctorates, Masters, Bachelors and Associate degrees. We also have people with 0 days at a college (like myself!) We have people that work on farms, cut down trees, mechanics, students, construction workers, the list goes on. The more variety of members we have the more we can learn. I hope that this message finds it’s way to someone looking to join.