Jason Dommer & Andrew Engel

12928337_10208460002433089_5857332201540771624_nAt our new location, a lot of work had to be completed to make it habitable so we could move in. Jason and Andy went out of their way in the time and effort they put in. Only by their contributions were we able to have a successful move in the time frame that we were limited to. We sincerely thank them for their hard work.







Brian Bartman

Brian Bartman

This month we’re featuring Brian Bartman. Brian is our event coordinator and is a founding member. He is a graduate student at Kent State studying for a PhD in Computer Science and Software Engineering.

Some of his contributions include custom building a 3D printer for CHAMP and helping with repairing many of our other tools.

From all of your friends at CHAMP, we thank you for your efforts and are glad to have you as a member and as our friend.